God Save Niykee Heaton, Music's New Queen of Thirst
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Niykee Heaton first emerged as an independent musician who would upload a combination of original solo acoustic works in addition to quirky covers of hip hop songs spanning the likes of Fetty Wap and Chief Keef, which helped with the viral nature of her content by having such wild songs channeled through the lens of a totally laid-back, somber performer such as Heaton.

    Since then, her existence has been a total enigma, one which inspires fascination. She's taken to an absolutely unhinged and wild stage presence that has been raising eyebrows. She can be witnessed in a transfixed, hyper-sexual state that seems totally nonstop on stage, opting to "literally hump the stage" and grope herself while wearing a leotard that looks like it's digging into her skin.

    She's gone from a seemingly innocuous songwriter who did a few quirky covers of singles in her bedroom to donning corn rows and modeling nude on her Instagram account, which she explained was the only place left to truly "express herself" after being forced to put up with her record label's antics, whatever those may happen to be. Whether fans are dragged in by her often selfie-composed modeling or by her music (and it's really hard to tell), she's found a boundary-pushing way to draw an audience.

    Whether going on monologues about how her "camel toe is empowering" and not to hide it, or calling her mom a bitch in an interview because of the way her nickname was originally spelled, it's often hard to understand what direction she's coming from. Despite adamantly celebrating folk and blues music and the influence it's had on her songwriting, she apparently only likes it because she was "forced to listen to it."

    Heaton has found a way to escape the "perfect suburban bubble" she grew up in, as she describes, and has found a truly bizarre way of making it within the music industry that takes to extremes few pop stars have reached.

    After this massive transformation she's undergone since getting picked up by Capitol records, and having since ranted about the tensions she's had with the label imposing on her image, it's hard to figure out just who the real Niykee Heaton is, what message she's trying to convey, or where the hell she'll delve next.

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