Fireball, Weed, Farts and Uber: Why The Chainsmokers Own the College Scene
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 2016

    • Posted by: Mike Montemarano

    Like eating pizza in a half-lucid state at 3AM, the Chainsmokers have become part of the collegiate itinerary. They epitomize the ins and outs of a 24/7 haphazard lifestyle that comes with the college years, while holding everything together in a bizarre, never-ending catastrophe.

    It's easy to see what sets them apart from your average EDM duo. While every pop star has their own candid, human side, it often gets lost in all the glamour of big stages and bright lights. On the contrary, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall keep their goofy wit and endearing personalities at the forefront of everything they do, and they magnify the college tours they constantly go on with a totally wild stage presence, surfing their gear setups and heaving people onstage.

    They craft all the anthemic shout-alongs they need to simply dominate college campus festivals, creating explosive music, but Uber drivers are still spraying them in the face with Febreeze after they let horrid farts rip. There's something totally admirable in the way they can take on a scene so over-glamorized without having that meticulously crafted public image, instead opting to keep things personal, like when they implored their fanbase to send help after getting caught in the bathroom without toilet paper.

    They're often happy to break down the walls between themselves and the audience, constantly sharing their adventures, fan covers, and appreciation online and giving cool little tutorials on how they make their self-produced music.

    As they transcend from a subtle verse full of awesome harmonies to funny instrumentals that turn things up to an absolute 10, they've got the knack to craft songs that are utterly impossible not to move along to.

    They keep things simple enough to party to, and inspire enough hilarity in their completely wild music videos, like the totally self-deprecating sex party scenes in "Let You Go."

    It's clear that the duo want to create an experience that resonates with anybody caught up in the mayhem of what higher education has become, and The Chainsmokers strive to make everybody smile. The duo will always be eternally goofy, and they're like cartoon characters in the misadventures they have in one music video after another which showcase a little bit of the sex drive and self-destructive forces that fuel the average young person.

    There's something entirely authentic about their presence; The Chainsmokers are surfing on a massive wave of earnesty and hilarity that's self-aware and easy to vibe with.

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