Brandon Flowers Goes Full George Michael
    • MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    2015 is rapidly entering super confusing territory. A couple weeks back, Killers frontman Brandon Flowers dropped my pick for this year's best pop single thus far, "Can't Deny My Love". It was delicious 80s synthpop excellence but within the established arena ready sound we've come to know & love from (early) the Killers. Flowers dropped a new video today, "Still Want You," and now he's gone full George Michael.

    If you'd asked me whether or not Brandon Flowers (or any artist) should consider going full "George Michael," I'd have advised against it. The only time George Michael has been cool in the last 15 years or so was when Paul & Dick danced to "Faith" in The Rules of Attraction. And "Still Want You" doesn't grab you as immediately as "Can't Deny My Love." There's something...strange about the melody at times during the verses. But, give it a listen or two. It grabs onto you nonetheless and it's hard not to love Flowers even more after he embraces such shameless cheese in the black & white dance-fueled video.

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