Watch: Squarepusher
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2012

    • Posted by: Malcolm Donaldson

    Trying to get psyched up to fight against the oncoming alien invasion? Or maybe, get off the couch and finally make yourself that sandwich? Try putting this video on. The latest song from British Electronic artist Squarepusher, "Dark Steering," will definitely hype you up. The song, which is a taste of his upcoming album Ufabulum, is a thumping destroyer of drums and bass. Clocking in at almost seven minutes, Squarepusher builds the beat up slowly to a climax of screeching cars and terrorizing synths.

    The video for "Dark Steering" looks like a mix between the new Beach House cover come to life and Robocop... a pretty awesome combo. Music videos like these of ominous robo-men behind a glowboard (Daft Punk, etc) always make me wonder: are they recreating that song, or are they just playing Ms. Pacman? Ufabulum is out on May 14/15 via Warp Records. Check out the video and several Squarepusher festival dates after the jump.

    Squarepusher World Tour:

    4/21 - Sonar / Tokyo, Japan
    5/3 - Donau Festival / Austria
    5/12 - Sonar / Sao Paolo, Brazil
    6/15 - Sonar Festival / Barcelona, Spain
    7/6-7//7 - Bloc Festival / London, UK
    7/12 - Dour Festival/ Dour, Belgium

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