coldplay fans won't sleep with you
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    Today's ridiculous event to circulate the internets comes from an online dating service, which hosted a poll that is almost as creepy as the website's name. is a matchmaking site that pairs couples up according to music preferences, and recently they took a poll compiled of criteria a la your middle school gossip scene. The game is this: rank how likely you would be to "only meet up for a chat", venture "perhaps a kiss", or "go all the way if the mood was right" after an initial encounter with someone, and then match up these results with people's music tastes. Fool proof! Think this couldn't get any more bizarre? Just wait until you hear the results.

    According to the researchers at, fans of these bands are the ones least likely to "go all the way":

    1 Coldplay
    2 Adele
    3 Lady Gaga
    4 Katy Perry
    5 Kings Of Leon

    Most Likely:

    1 Nirvana
    2 Metallica
    3 Linkin Park
    4 Kanye West
    5 Gorillaz

    The fact that Metallica is on any list about anything, let alone be ranked as the SECOND most likely band to inspire seduction, is just one absurdity too many for this poll.

    {Ed. Note: Nothing says sexytime like "Master Of Puppets".]

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