album review: foo fighters
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 2011

    • Posted by: Siobhan Fludder

    Very rarely does a band fully encompass the genre of rock without any accent of a sub-genre to flair their sound, and very rarely does a band ever do it so damn well as the Foo Fighters. Though in previous years there was a slight pop lean in some songs (most notably with singles such as "Learn To Fly"), on this album the Foo Fighters are catering to no audience other than their own passion for music. Wasting Light delivers a straight set of dominating guitars, charged vocals, and percussive beats that drive the album's relentless energy from start to finish. While previous albums have been recorded around an ongoing change of lineups for the band, this seventh LP presents itself with a confident roster of Foo Fighters, and is the first album recorded since the return of original guitarist Pat Smear. With this compilation of talent and experience, the overall sound achieves a very completed feel. Any hint of a pop safety net has been released, and it simply lets the guitars eat the album alive to great effect. It lacks nothing if not for perhaps a quintessential radio hit, but it's clear when you listen to Wasting Light that this is not what this album was made for. At this stage in any band's career, many often try to reinvent themselves in order to gain a larger diversity of success. With Wasting Light, it's clear that the Foo Fighters don't need to prove anything to anybody; they're just showing us what they do best.

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