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    • TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 2010

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    Generally, on record and in show, Love Is All escort their listeners on an urgent, jumpy ride; one where surf ready guitar, blaring shouts of saxophone, over the head slaps of organ, furious percussive rhythms, and Josephine Olausson's always unhinged vocal presence all mash about in one charming cluster of galvanizing, vintage pop. It's a kick butt kind of combo; one the band have pumped three records full of, and thrilled audiences the world over with.

    When the band visited us a few weeks back, we had a bit of a surprise in store for the band. The Guest Apartment...that comfy little home we turned into a comfy little performance space? You know the one. Well, we moved it to the roof...couches, rugs, lamps and all. After all, it was an blazing early April afternoon of the variety which would have been a crime to waste. So we didn't, setting the band against our cities' ever dramatic skyline.

    Denied the electricity they usually use to ignite their audiences, Love Is All made good use of flower pots, production cases, and the like, turning in a peppy acoustic set that knocked the socks of the crew, and those lucky enough to be passing by 6 floors below (apparently we received some calls). In town to support their recently released album Two Thousand And Ten Injuries, the band sprinted through three numbers, and answered a few questions along the way as well. Call it an absolutely splendid session on an absolutely splendid day at the (rooftop) Guest Apartment. - David Pitz
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    The Guest Apartment: Love Is All

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