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    • TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 2010

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    You've got to groove when dance music simultaneously makes you want to throw your head back and punch a hole in a wall. Pictureplane has the enviable quality of inspiring both gratuitous dancing and needless intensity. Travis Egedy of Denver has made a name for himself on the remix circuit, often outshining the originals, but here he demonstrates that his own handiwork is more than adequate to support a dance floor of irony-hungry music fans. It's loud, brash, dance-y, and twists all the right knobs.

    On "Beyond Fantasy", Egedy uses the Kanye West-brand sped-up vocal back to spice up his chill-wave-ish beats (good?). But the atmosphere is only as good as the on/off switch, and Pictureplane really nails the turn it on/turn it off dynamic (above average). Dark Rift, his debut album, is full of the same masterful craft; the ins and outs of beatmaking can always be reduced to how well an artist handles a giant switchboard of sounds. Gotta have that bass thumping at just the right time.

    Dark Rift is out now on Lovepump Records. -joe puglisi

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    MP3:"Beyond Fantasy" - Dark Rift
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