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    • TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 2010

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    When I think of my favorite albums, most of them were on some level, a departure from a norm. And many were severe disappointments for the average fan. Hence my attraction to MGMT's latest screwball effort, Congratulations. I would never compare it to any of the greats in terms of quality, because that would be patently unfair. Instead, I think the collection of songs has to prove something to me on its own. MGMT has made a record that makes no efforts to conceal its interests with marketable fluff. That right there should earn a level of respect from the critical eye... but it doesn't. In today's age of shock value and publicity stunts, the first hoop should always be sincerity. Did these two goofbags from Weslyan make an album of splintered, neo-sixties trip-pop with severe schizophrenia to freak everyone out, or because they this is the music they want to make? This is the central question of Congratulations: is MGMT willing to drink their own kool-aid?

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    MP3:"Flash Delirium" - Congratulations
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