The Weeknd's New 'Call Out My Name' Video Is Batshit Cray
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    One of my favorite things is when male pop stars whose personas rely on the "too cool for you" attitude suddenly come out as super emotional beings. That might be a post idea in itself one day, but for now, I bring you The Weeknd's "Call Out My Name." Abel Tesfaye, who is usually known as the heartbreaker, has finally gotten his heart broken, and in the new video for the song, he is pacing his ass off about it. I think my favorite part was around the 0:56 mark, when a swarm of bats suddenly fly out of his mouth out of nowhere. I cackled at my desk. Looks like a food poisoning nightmare!

    And what exactly is going on throughout the rest of this video? We see him pacing around a dark empty street, and then on a different dark empty street, and then in an empty theatre. Oh yeah, and there's also this one part where we get sucked into some bright white, "Scream" by Michael Jackson-inspired spacecraft. And then it disappears. I'm not hating on this video - I'm actually so into it.

    "Call Out My Name" is off of My Dear Melancholy, out now.

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