NOW PLAYING: A Baeble NEXT Session With Ciaran Lavery
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Irish singer-songwriter Ciaran Lavery may have been soft-spoken when we interviewed him on camera, but off camera, he felt like an old dear friend. He had me step in front of his iPhone lens to introduce myself as Ciaran to all of his Instagram followers - what a sense of humor - and additionally, he spent the next ten minutes after that writing down short story recommendations for the staff. Simply put, Lavery is a sweet guy, and when he stopped by the Baeble Studio, he brought some equally sweet tunes.

    Starting off with "Morning Bell," Lavery's low down croon was accompanied by a warm acoustic guitar and spine-tingling harmonies. He played "Left For America," perhaps the catchiest song of the session, off his 2014 EP, Kosher. He also teased his upcoming album Sweet Decay with performances of "13" and "To Chicago." Sure, you could compare Lavery to other Irish acoustic legends like Glen Hansard or Damien Rice, but there's something about his soothing guitar and smooth-as-syrup harmonies that, when all wrapped up together, feel like one big hug.

    "There are some things that are difficult to talk about... I think that's what it is to be an artist. You kind of have to go to uncomfortable places to get the best out of yourself," Lavery acknowledged his dark storytelling. He may sing about things that others would be afraid to talk about, but he brings a strange comfort with the dark subject matter. Maybe it's knowing that there's someone out there thinking the same things, or maybe it's the delicate sonics. Whatever it may be, Lavery's music, though equipped with lyrical baggage, feels like a dear old friend.

    Sweet Decay is out this Friday, April 13th.

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