Florence + The Machine Returns With 'Sky Full Of Song'
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    [Photo credit: Vincent Haycock]

    I was just listening to Florence + The Machine's 2015 album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful to reminisce, but also in hopes that she'd be coming back soon. Little did I know Florence was listening to my prayers, because today she has returned with "Sky Full Of Song," and with it comes a stunning A.G. Rojas-directed video. In a press release, Florence Welch shared, "This was a song that just fell out of the sky fully formed. Sometimes when you are performing you get so high, it's hard to know how to come down. There is this feeling of being cracked open, rushing endlessly outwards and upwards, and wanting somebody to hold you still, bring you back to yourself. It's an incredible, celestial, but somehow lonely feeling."

    The song is surprisingly spare, with plucks of strings, distant keys, and subtle percussive elements. Much like Florence's past work, its orchestral feel brings a sense of whimsicalness, and what it lacks in instrumentation, it makes up for with lyrical content. She packs a mouthful of words into each line from the very beginning, "How deeply are you sleeping? Are you still awake? / A good friend told me you been staying out so late..." She continues later on as the song builds to its peak, "I thought I was flying but maybe I'm dying tonight."

    In partnership with Record Store Day, Welch will release a limited edition, double A-side 7" vinyl that will also come with "New York poem (for Polly)," from Welch's forthcoming book Usless Magic. The book is out July 5th via Crown Publishing/Penguin and will offer a collection of poetry, artwork, and lyrics to give insight to her creative process.

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