How Morrissey Should Have Handled a Sore Throat
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12, 2017

    • Posted by: Katie Pedernera

    On Monday night, Morrissey walked off stage (again) in the middle of his set due to a sore throat (above). Before this, he had been touring in Guadalajara for some time and claimed, "I left part of my voice there." As an artist, you want to stay honest and intimate with your audience on how you're feeling, but you also need to make a professional decision on what is best for them as an audience. Morrissey could've handled the situation much better and he should've taken the time to think about his options.

    Let me start off by stating, I am not knocking a man down for being human. Everybody gets sick and should take time off to get better. Morrissey has been an influential singer for forty years (can you believe it?!) and I am proud to support his artwork. As a fan base in general, we understand why our favorite artists cancel shows ahead of time due to illness or any other type of trauma. We get that. But Morrissey is a grab bag. He manages to offer something exciting and we are left disappointed. He is notorious for canceling shows last minute and continues to walk off stage for various reasons (nasty audience comments, loss of funding). Morrissey, we love you, and because of this, we want you to act like a professional.

    Morrissey should've handled the situation differently for the sake of his fans. They support him through thick and thin. Remember the time he walked off stage because people were barbecuing at Coachella? He must have known the smell of meat and other food would be around at music festival. Back to the latest show - if he knew he was sick, why didn't he just cancel it? Putting on a poor show strains your voice and prolongs the healing process. A few months back, Adele went through a similar situation where she cancelled an entire US tour. She knew it wouldn't be fair to her fans or herself if she got up on stage and put on a low quality show. Morrissey should've handled the situation differently for himself.

    Lastly, Morrissey needs to remember the hard work that his team does for him. They are constantly changing set lists, working through key changes, and anything else you can think of to put on the best Morrissey performance. It's not fair that his team's merit goes down the drain when he walks off stage.

    It must have gutted Morrissey to leave stage as blunt as he did but it's time he fixes the reputation he has built for himself as a performer.

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