46 Songs to Listen to During Your Summer Festival Road Trip
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12, 2017

    • Posted by: Katie Pedernera

    We know you camp out during festival season. We know you hauled your giant van down to the show for some good tunes and and even better vibes. We get it. Flying is overrated and plane tickets are in no way cheap. Luckily, you made the best decision by taking that long drive out to your desired festival. There is so much of the world to take in. Think about the beautiful landscapes you'll see while you're bonding with your best friends. And don't forget the food. Do not forget about the glorious road snacks you will devour. A road trip allows you to experience sights you'd never get thousands of feet in the air. But the best part of the road trip is when your friend hands you the aux chord and you get to be DJ. Don't aimlessly scroll through your library this festival season. Use this playlist as the perfect soundtrack for your trip. It contains the perfect blend 90s hits nostalgia and indie pop in order for you to make the best memories. Safe driving!

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