Baeble First Play: The Heart Is Burning With Roses and Revolutions
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Love's a funny thing. No matter how much you know a relationship might not be working, we get all screwed up in our heads when the physical/sexual/romantic attraction portions of our brains/body decide it's time to take over. And when they make those decisions, there's not a hell of a lot we can do to stem those tides. And sometimes, we still can't control this portion of ourselves even if we've had some distance between ourselves and a past love. And on their track, "Back In," Rochester folk-pop duo Roses and Revolutions capture that complex intensity.

    We have the exclusive premiere of "Back In," the latest single from Roses & Revolutions, and it's a beautiful mix of 70s folk-rock paired with 90s singer-songwriter pop ala Lisa Loeb or Fiona Apple. And with its mature take on our own conflicting emotions about love and what we'll do for those who have a place in our heart "even when it's still burning," Roses & Revolutions recall the the thematic angst (with a dose of hope and romantic fantasy) of Fleetwood Mac.

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