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    • FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2013

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Caveman's self-titled, sophomore album hits like an intoxicating drip of happy headed intravenous, bee-lining through the vein, whisking away a potent mix of synthetic and harmonious elements off to a much needed, immediate pleasure zone. This is vibe music, man, and the band don't care one lick if you call it that. 'Cause apparently, that's the term they're rolling with. Vibe music...

    "Strange To Suffer" is the album's dusty, semi-worldly teaser, reminiscing of another Baeble fav, Lord Huron, in its delicate percussive pats and squinty eye computer-mabobs, all tumbling in a gentle orb of atmosphere, before falling into the much more immediate delight of "In The City". It's a song that's as smooth as smooth can be, save vocalist Matthew Iwanusa's slightly unkempt vocals. The band's synth foundation and four part harmonies neatly slice away any stubble though, as a soaking wet guitar line does whatever the hell it wants, adding to that whole vibe thing we touched on earlier.

    Caveman hail from Brooklyn, so there's flashes of their neighbors in much of the album's makeup. Coming of age (musically speaking) in such a rich environment, the digestion of their peers and local influences certainly plays a part: Grizzly Bear's twisted vocal harmonies -- check; Twin Shadow's fantastical, 80s computer mojo -- yup. But they also excavate the past, cutting around the coke-addled energy of the 80s bands that obviously excite them -- Duran Duran, New Order, Yaz -- leaving nothing more than long and lovely plumes of keyboard ooze, coating the listener's head, heart, hell, maybe their loins. I dunno, it all sounds pretty sexy to me.

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    "Shut You Down" is another track worth a whirl, snappier than that self-deleting photo app all the kids have been using and abusing (like we said, sexy) these days. But the real highlights here are "Over My Head", a slow burn of a song tuned just about everything else out, and "Where's The Time, the album's finest moment. It's a slow, thermal dip into something warm and woozy, although be careful, as there is some personal regret swirling around in there. "Where's the time to waste on someone else's life?" asks Iwanusa, to which my initial reply was something like, "Don't be a dick Caveman there's plenty of time to give to someone else." But there really isn't, which means he has a point, which also means who is the dick now (read: me)? We're all extremely busy living our lives, pursuing our dreams, thinking about the future, and trying to have a little fun along the way. It doesn't leave a lot people time. So, should you find it, I'm sure Iwanusa would suggest reserving it for someone else. And hey, while you're at it, tell them about that stellar new Caveman album you just heard.

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