what happened this weekend?
    • MONDAY, APRIL 12, 2010

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    More famous people jump into bed together, an incredible deal for eighties babies with a John Hughes fetish, and SNL had a great night for comedy, and a depressing one for music.

    • Spike Jonze is working on a short film with The Arcade Fire. Jonze used "Wake Up" in the 2009 film Where The Wild Things Are, so his love for the Fire is no big mystery. Details are scarce, but the casting is happening in Austin and the plot is said to have something to do with "friends growing apart." Angsty! [via Slashflim]

    • The Genevan Heathen put together a John Hughes tribute mix. In case you missed this over the weekend, you can grab the whole thing here. The mix includes 21 tracks from infamous Hughes works, with favorite quotes sprinkled over the mix. [via Discobelle]

    • Justin Bieber played SNL. Tina Fey hosted and most certainly wrote a large portion of the show, because it was really spot on this week. But having Bieber as the guest artist begs the question: how many eight year olds got to stay up past midnight on Saturday? Or better: how many eight year olds laughed at Kenan's Al Roker? At least Fey got a sketch for joking about Bieber's baby smile/lesbian hair. Go team! [via Videogum]

    Despite the similarity between our names, I promise an (almost) entirely Bieber-free week here at Baeble. I apologize for the lapse in proper news and coverage, and will no longer put "ground beef in your vegan salad", as the metaphor would go, or something, but the opportunity to call him a chipmunk lesbian is TOO GREAT. Onwards and upwards. -joe

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