late night: black rebel motorcycle club
    • MONDAY, APRIL 12, 2010

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    Start your day off right by checking out this jam from Fallon on Friday night. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club fired up the crowds with the title track from their latest album, Beat The Devil's Tattoo. I have a serious soft spot for their gritty rock n' roll, so naturally I watched Fallon on Friday Youtubed it on Saturday. And they look old rocked!

    Beat The Devil's Tattoo is leaps beyond their other recent work, hearkening back to the glory days of their earlier stuff, which is great. This performance is a little thin for some reason, but the record is stocked with all the chewy guitars and stomping you can handle. Get an idea:

    Oh boy! Olivia Munn was a guest? You probably watched in between Xbox Live sessions of Call Of Duty, nerds.

    BRMC are coming to the end of their sold-out national tour, so grab the album if you like. Beat The Devil's Tattoo is out now, even for those not cool enough to actually have any tattoos (like me). -joe puglisi

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