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    • MONDAY, APRIL 12, 2010

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    People enjoy claiming to be born in the wrong generation, especially in the music scene. Current trends in acid rock and Beatles cover bands would definitely support this claim. But it isn't often that people relish their ability to take their love of old traditions and make them more modern, and it's even more rare that someone makes that claim with standards... a genre literally all about following a set of rules and boundaries. Arguably, current traditions in freak-beats and independant music stem from these classics, but the road is often twisted and obscured with years of experimentation (and the influence of eighties music). Nicole Simone takes a different path with her first EP, a quaint, dusty collection of songs that feel like an antique cabinet as much as a shiny new toy. Listening to her talk about her various inspirations and vantage points, it was clear to me that her sultry vocals and minimalist recordings aren't some sort of farcical nonsense. There is real thought behind the collaborations. Unlike those who are merely imitators of the ancient Standards craft, Simone has gathered some of todays most varied musicians to assist her in recording an EP that feels like 1920, and sounds like 2010.

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