GEAR TALK TUESDAY: Fox Wilde's 3 Essentials
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    [Photo Credit: VALENTINA]

    Pop duo Fox Wilde, AKA brothers Michael and Demitri Lerios, recently released the video for their song "Soap," a 3 minute tune that features funky guitar hooks, a groovy bass line, and energetic horns. The Maroon 5-esque song is quickly skyrocketing in streams, and while it continues to climb up, we thought we'd ask the LA-based band (who has written music cues for TV shows and commercials featuring Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, and Taylor Lautner) about some of their favorite pieces of gear.

    First up, they chose the Manley Cardiod Microphone, "one piece of equipment we use on all of our music is the Manely Cardiod Microphone. It never disappoints! When it comes to getting a crisp and in your face vocal, the Manely Cardiod gets the job done."

    fox wilde gear talk tuesday microphone

    They also decided the Avalon VT-737 was an essential piece in their music making process, "Another piece of equipment that we use in tandem with the Manely, is an Avalon VT-737 pre amp." They continued, "We love the combination of the two because the Avalon adds a warmth and a fullness. The dream team vocal chain!"

    fox wilde gear talk tuesday avalon

    And finally, one of their favorite guitars, the Taylor GS Mini (with Koa Wood), "Last but not least is a new addition to our arsenal of guitars. The GS Mini - Taylor Guitar. Considering the price point this guitar is amazing! We always have it laying around the studio and use it for recording, performing and in writing sessions. It's a great sounding and versatile guitar, and the Koa wood looks pretty awesome too."

    fox wilde gear talk tuesday taylor gs mini

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