Why Matthew and the Atlas Are Our New Brit Folk Obsession
    • MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    If there's one thing from the UK that's more reliable than JK Rowling continuing to cash in on the Harry Potter franchise or the Tories doing something awful to somebody, it's how consistently Communion Records puts out great new tunes. Founded by Mumford & Son's Ben Lovett (as well as Bear's Dens Kevin Jones), the UK artist collective/record company can't do much wrong these days. And one of our favorite acts in recent months to come across the pond from Communion is Matthew & the Atlas.

    Two months ago we had the chance to chat with Matthew & the Atlas frontman Matt Hegarty about the project's single, "Elijah," and what American fans could expect on his then upcoming record, Temple, which will be released 4/22. With the release of the record coming up, we were reminded that Hegarty is quickly becoming one of the freshest voices to rise out of the (very) established British folk scene.

    It's hard to undersell just how soulful and impactful Hegarty's voice is. There's an alternate universe where he's a celebrated gospel singer in the classic tradition of that word instead of singing folk music which hasn't always been known for great vocalists. He's got one of those voices that makes you feel his emotional anguish down to the marrow of your bones and it's readily apparent in singles like "Temple" and "Elijah."

    With the record out 4/22, now's a better time than ever to dive into the latest great export from Communion Records. Matthew & the Atlas won't leave you disappointed.

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