Do HONNE Have An Early Song of the Summer Contender
    • MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    When we were in Austin, TX, last month for SXSW, it was warm. We're talking "pushing 90 degrees" warm the first day we got there. And then we came back to Brooklyn, and it was...less warm. Just significantly less warm. But it's April now, and it's still a little chilly this side of the Verrazzano bridge, but the weather doesn't mean anything cause we think we've found an early contender for one of our songs of the summer.

    Cue up, HONNE. We got to shoot HONNE (alongside Ron Pope, Penny & Sparrow, Caveman, and others) in a gorgeous studio session during SXSW week, and the British electro-soul duo have a new single, "Someone That Loves You" feat. Izzy Bizu, and if you need something to get your ass shaking to kick the week (and hopefully the beginning of warm spring) in gear, they've got you covered.

    And you can't miss our session when it goes live on the site in the weeks ahead.

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