Coachella Set Times: The Ultimate Dilemmas
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    The hardest part about attending a massive festival, besides quelling your urges to take mysterious drugs, is of course, setting up your personal, daily itinerary. When you shell out that kinda money for a ticket to one of these shindigs, you're doing so because the lineup is a swarming list of your favorite bands. But the catch is, they won't unveil the set times until long after you've already coughed up a week's pay. What happens if the two bands you really came to see are playing separate stages at the same time, or what if it's three? It's an intense dilemma that will ultimately end up in a heated coin flip and/or rock-paper-scissor show down.

    I'm sure there's a science to organizing the daily schedules used by the festival holders, but more often than not, this mysterious system of selection will fuck you over. Looking at Coachella's recently unveiled set times (yeah, they did so two days prior to doors), it would appear as though its agenda was selected out of a drifter's old, musty sombrero. Imagine your parents asking you who you want to live with, or having to save the life of only one of your kids (or cats for our lonely readers). Thanks to Coachella, I'm on the edge of a cliff with Alt-J hanging by my left hand and Japandroids in my right. Who takes the plunge?

    Every day has its own share of difficult decisions, and since we're self-proclaimed professionals when it comes to this stuff, we thought we'd lend a little travel agent-ish advice. We've looked at the full schedule and identified what we would consider to be the biggest issues. Our suggestions are in bold.


    Lord Huron / The Neighbourhood

    We love Lord Huron, but we're going to want to kick off the Coachella party hard as soon as we get there, and The Neighbourhood are the perfect group to light that fire.

    Stars / Polica / Jake Bugg

    The mesmerizing music of Polica will make the desert feel all the more magical. And Jake Bugg's only 19 years old, so there will be plenty of opportunities to catch him again. (Watch Jake Bugg and Stars)

    Metric / Divine Fits / Japandroids / Alt-J

    Watch the full video at

    Come on Coachella! Why did do this?! We had to settle with Alt-J, but damn, that hurt.

    Passion Pit / Of Monsters and Men

    These crazy Icelanders are cool and calm in their recording, but in a live setting they let loose, and by loose we mean incredibly loud. Save yourself the heartache and watch Passion Pit live at Central Park.

    Modest Mouse / Local Natives

    Watch the full video at

    I know, I know, we chose Modest Mouse but that's a Local Natives concert vid. We really wish we could suggest Local Natives, but their latest album Hummingbird was a bit of a snooze fest. And Modest Mouse is a guaranteed good time, and it's always comforting to know the craziest person at the venue is on the stage and not in the crowd.

    Ben Howard / Allen Stone

    Watch the full video at

    Allen Stone is great, but Ben Howard is super great. But if you still want to see Allen Stone, watch this little session at the ATO Cabin.

    Hot Chip / Yeasayer / Grizzly Bear

    We urge you to see Grizzly Bear while Shields tunes are their priority. The album is intoxicating. (Watch Yeasayer live)

    Phoenix / Sigur Ros / New Order

    What? Why? Huh? This decision made my heart hurt a bit.


    Kurt Vile and the Violators / Grimes

    We're stoked to see Vile take Walkin on a Pretty Daze to the stage.

    Vampire Weekend / Father John Misty

    Joshua Tillman is brilliant. Joshua Tillman is mad. Joshua Tillman will be more fucked up than anyone in the audience. I drank the Father John Misty cool-aid a while ago and there's no turning back now.

    See y'all there!

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