Stream: Kwes
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    Think for a moment about how long the average song is. Songs that are chosen as singles are almost always between three and four minutes in length. Anything more than that and a conventional (read: repetitive) chorus-verse structure would wear thin. Songs that tend to exceed these lengths ("Stairway to Heaven," "Hotel California," "All My Friends") feature a more complex structural composition where the music builds to a rapturous swell before slowly fading away in its outro. British singer/songwriter/producer Kwes dropped a new track, the incomprehensibly titled "Igoyh," which clocks in at an impressive eight minutes but more than compensates for its length with a steadily more complex sound and a truly rousing pick-up despite the song's faint melancholy.

    The song begins as a mournful confession. Kwes' reflective vocals are layered on top of a elegiac ambient and the faraway sounds of bass. Slowly, the song gains steam and what begins as world-weary introspection turns into a revelatory spin of glittering pianos, enveloping expansive sonic sounds (instead of the early faint hints of ambience), and more empowering cries of "I'm not going anywhere." The subtleties of the melody constantly shift in and out and the mutations are half the pleasure you should receive from this impressive display of Kwes' multifaceted talents.

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