Stream: Friends
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 2012

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    In the last episode of Freaks and Geeks, the Freaks engage in their regular ritual of bursting into the local discotheque and yelling "Disco sucks!" at all of the nerds in their leisure suits doing the hustle to the Bee Gees or Kool and the Gang. It managed to be both an awesome statement of rock brotherhood solidarity as well as a sly remark from Judd Apatow about the similarities between the blandess of pop music in the early aughts/late 90s and the blandness of late era-disco. Yet, ten years later, disco is becoming cool again with artists as varied as the Rapture, Reptar, and Hot Chip all embracing the shimmering bass lines and funky danceability of classic disco. Add Brooklyn band Friends to the list of groups diving head first into the twinkling waters of disco with their single "Mind Control."

    "Mind Control" features the soaring vocals of Samantha Urbani as she wraps herself around the pulsating bass and synth lines. If LCD Soundsystem had a female vocalist (and was more concerned about having fun than making dance tracks about growing old), Friends is possibly what that would sound like. Pitch-shifting Urbani's voice, "Mind Control" simultaneously makes her sound like a snarling demon and then a robot on the verge of exploding. It's one of the best dance tracks of the week and on a slow afternoon, this is enough to get you to shake your groove thing in your chair. [Ed. Note: +100 disco points for casual use of 'Groove Thing' in a blog post]

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