NOW PLAYING: A Baeble NEXT Session With LP
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    "My first major label deal really got me started on the songwriting thing. In 2006 I was signed by Island Def Jam and they basically kept pushing me to write with all these big songwriters," singer-songwriter LP told us when she stopped by the Baeble Studio a few weeks ago. We may be labeling her session as a Baeble NEXT, but LP has been around behind the scenes writing for other artists for forever. After getting signed and receiving a credit on a Backstreet Boys song, she realized she could actually do the whole songwriting thing. "About three years on major labels - that yielded no fruit, no record came out - but I had written around 140 songs." After then switching to a publishing deal and losing her "passion for the passion" (songwriting), it wasn't until she bought a ukulele that the flame was rekindled.

    LP is now back and writing her best music to date. Just last year, she followed up her 2014 album Forever For Now with her stunning sophomore album Lost On You. During our session she played its catchy title track and she had the Baeble staff both startled and amazed with her signature whistle. She is like, really good as whistling, you guys. Surrounded by a cajon player, a guitarist, and her infamous ukulele, she also performed "Girls Go Wild." Both songs showcased her knack for writing melodic choruses that are both beautiful and empowering. LP may be small, but she has a huge voice. You'll understand why we're so amazed by this singer when you watch the session for yourself.

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