The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's Biggest Snubs, Courtesy of Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament
    • MONDAY, APRIL 10, 2017

    • Posted by: Robert Steiner

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted this year's class in Brooklyn over the weekend, and as one would expect when the best of the music world comes together under one roof, the night was nothing short of a music nerd's dream-come-true. The inductees received well-deserved praises and tributes by fans and fellow musicians alike, but amongst the celebrations, another more controversial topic surrounding the Rock Hall resurfaces every year like clockwork: The snubs. There are articles and entire online communities dedicated to pointing out all the crucially influential bands and artists the Rock Hall has yet to properly acknowledge, from the obscure cult acts to criminally overlooked omissions. The original plan for this article was to shed light on as many of these snubs as possible, but it looks like Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament did that for us in the form of a t-shirt.

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    Ament's shirt looked like a basic black tee from far away, but a closer look courtesy of Pearl Jam's Instagram reveals a long and surprisingly comprehensive list of artists waiting for their place in the Rock Hall printed on the shirt's front. "It's an honor to be part of a club that includes so many of our heroes...but the fact is that we were affected and infected by bands that aren't here," Ament said during his acceptance speech. He isn't wrong, either, as the shirt's list of around 100 musicians reveals the sheer amount of pioneering acts that have yet to get the call from the Rock Hall. Some examples include bands like the Replacements, the Cure, Roxy Music, the Smiths, the Jam, and Big Star, who were all instrumental in shaping rock music despite their modest followings. Others include underground punk staples like Hsker D and Black Flag, experimental acts like Brian Eno and Captain Beefheart, and countless others that are so important that you kinda just assumed they were in already (Nina Simone?? The hell you waiting for, Rock Hall!?!).

    A particularly important addition to the list is Chad Channing, who was the drummer for Nirvana from their early beginnings all the way up to their first album Bleach, but was omitted by the Rock Hall when the rest of the band was inducted in 2015. The whole ordeal caused a great deal of controversy amongst the music community, and emphasized the Rock Hall's tendency to not only leave entire bands out, but also leave specific band members out for no evident reason. As great as it is to see the bands that have been honored receive their dues, it's also important to remember the countless acts in the wings waiting their turn, so major props to Jeff Ament for respectfully sharing the spotlight with so many of these great artists.

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