In Our Ears: Songs We Loved This Week
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2015

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Despite an unnaturally cold day yesterday, Spring is finally returning to NYC...thank God. If we have to endure many more sub-50 high days in April, we may flee screaming like mad men to the South. Although, speaking of Mad Men, we're not sure if any of us will ever rock mustaches as epic as Roger Sterling in this final season of one of AMC's flagship dramas. This resurgence of Spring made us want to bring back one of our favorite series, In Our Ears, where the staff talks about the songs we can't stop playing for the last week -- old or new.

    Don Saas - Managing Editor

    Brandon Flowers -- "Can't Deny My Love"

    I haven't listened to a song this obsessively all year. The Brandon Flowers that wrote "Mr. Brightside" is back and I couldn't be happier.

    Imaginary Future -- "Forever On Your Side"

    We premiered this track earlier this week, and for fans of Milo Greene, this act is a must hear.

    Kendrick Lamar -- "King Kunta"

    To Pimp a Butterfly is my pick for this year's best album, and "King Kunta" is its freakiest and funkiest track.

    Kevin Devine and the God Damn Band -- "Bubblegum"

    We ran our interview with Kevin Devine today, and I've been blasting the title track to 2013's Bubblegum for the last three weeks.

    David Pitz - Content Manager

    Jake McMullen -- "If I Go"

    This should be the song you put yourself to sleep to tonight. Its delicate and melancholy, with a hint of mystery...proof that a man and his guitar can make powerful things when the inspiration is just right.

    Mumford & Sons -- "Wolf"

    Yup, this is Mumford. The band promised something different with the arrival of Wilder Mind, and oh boy have they delivered with "The Wolf." Where "Believe" had trace elements of their patented acoustic romp (meaning, you could replace its electrical currents with acoustic ones and have a song that fit on previous albums), "The Wolf" is a different construction entirely. Cant wait to hear this entire record.

    Gregory Alan Isakov -- "The Empty Northern Hemisphere"

    The usually somewhat hushed Colorado songwriter wooed the Bowery Ballroom last night with a performance that was surprisingly...loud? In the flesh, his music is a completely different animal than it is on records, though this cut is probably the best recorded proof of his more muscular ways.

    J.D. McPherson -- "Let the Good Times Roll"

    'Cause its the weekend...

    Joshua Ramos - Editorial Intern

    Modest Mouse -- "The Best Room"

    I had some doubts about Modest Mouse returning so many years later, but they havent lost a step. Isaac Brocks pen is as sharp as ever, his voice is still strong and weird, and the band can still jam out a hell of a tune. Its dynamics are heavy then soft, angry then soothing, and just about everything any Modest Mouse fan loves. "The Best Room" could be Strangers to Ourselves best song.

    Kanye West -- "All Day"

    Is it too soon to crown rap song of the year? This BANGER was much needed after the soft "Only One" showing Kanye is still sh*t-talking his haters and ready to cement his legacy as possibly the greatest hip-hop artist of all time. Showcasing relative unknowns like Theophilus London and Allan Kingdom shows he is down to set the next generation up with a good foothold in the game. Good guy Ye.

    Jason Greenspan - Editorial Intern

    Action Bronson -- "Terry"

    Using one of the smoothest samples I've heard in a while, Terry lays down what Action Bronson deems as lifes most important bundle of activities: to "Smoke good, fuck, eat, drink." I concur, Action.

    James Bay -- "Hold Back the River"

    Starting out sparse and building until the listeners anticipation is palpable, Bays driving single is anthemic, energizing and pulsing with soulful energy.

    Camille Fantasia - Editorial Intern

    Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti -- "Baby"

    This song just lulls me into such a sweet inner space and has me singing "Oohooh baby" from my very core. Ariel Pink got it right; its simple but killer little chord progressions has been stuck in my head for weeks. Its an anthem for anyone who has ever been in love, is in love, is looking for love. It's a song beaming with soul like a modern Motown classic.

    The Sun Parade -- "Heart's Out"

    This song is like the Spring Equinox, shedding the winter blues and opening your arms to the new season. Hallelujah. Chris Jennings and Jeff Lewis, you snakey bastards have done it again. Hearts Out makes me feel like I'm standing on a mountaintop, close to the sun and a parade of flowers are blooming in my fragile little chest. I confess I may be biased because these guys are my buddies from my hometown but they make me feel like a proud patriot of Western Massachusetts. It really has been a pleasure to watch them grow over the years.

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