What Are Superstar DJs Really Doing on Stage?
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Have you ever wondered what those highly-paid DJs are doing behind their illustrious booths during their live shows? Probably not because you were too busy chewing your own cheeks and sucking face with that shirtless frat guy with the hot neon shades named Chad. But if you were in fact curious, those entertainers who you shelled out your spring financial aid refund check to see aren't doing a whole bunch of anything. To illustrate it for you, someone fashioned a performance clip of Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke, and Sander van Doorn turning some knobs and waving to the crowd.

    It would be ignorant to say that these guys do "nothing" on stage, but most of them do pre-make their sets so they match with the light show. But it's still pretty lame.

    Here's the actual performance.

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