A Walk Down Musical Memory Lane with Stephen Colbert
    • THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 2014

    • Posted by: Tayi Sanusi

    It would seem that Stephen Colbert has drawn much inspiration from music, and in honor of his eminent takeover of the The Late Show in 2015, we thought it was only appropriate to take a little stroll down memory lane to relive some of our favorite musical guests to have graced The Colbert Report's stage. But first let's remember Colbert's most iconic musical moment — when Daft Punk stood him up...

    Alicia Keys

    Alicia Keys is lovely, but her amazingly funny duet with Colbert is even sweeter.


    Remember that one time when Bjork crawled out of the weird intergalactic cave she most definitely lives in and decided to sit down with Colbert? We sure do.

    Paul Mccartney

    Even the highly respected Mr. McCartney couldn't escape the first rate trolling by Colbert the Great.

    Arcade Fire

    Oh...and what about that time Arcade Fire pretended to be another band called The Refelktors and gossiped with Colbert about the pretentious Canadian band, Arcade Fire.


    Or how about when he bitched at Radiohead for being annoying British hipster against "job creating" corporations...

    Jack White

    And who could forget when he held a "practice" interview with Jack White and insisted that he heard a lot of his own rhythmic influences on the rocker's new album?

    St. Vincent

    This was the adorable little chit-chat he had with the interesting and poised St. Vincent.

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