She and Him Keep 60s Pop Alive in 'I Could've Been Your Girl'
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Deep down inside, even the most cynical Zooey Deschanel critics - you know the ones that thought she was great before she was on FOX prime time - if given the chance, they would totally have a hardcore make-out sesh with the queen of quirk. And we're also pretty confident that behind closed doors, they're all still twisting their hips to the tunes of She & Him. With Zooey and her partner-in-crime, M. Ward, slated to release their third studio (and non-Christmas) album Volume 3 on May 7th, we ask you to shed your haughty shells, and get with She & Him's 60s pop program.

    Today, the duo shared their latest single off the album, "I Could've Been Your Girl". Listen to the lovey goodness below.

    Volume 3 is out May 7th via Merge.

    Listen to "Never Wanted Your Love" from Volume 3

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