Daft Punk Goes To Wee Waa and Other Small Town Invasions
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 2013

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Daft Punk effectively confused the shit out of everybody when they decided to release their much awaited Random Access Memories in the small Australian town of Wee Waa. This is great news for residents of the town of course, and their annual music festival, which is now slated to sell a hell of a lot more tickets. Perhaps the move isn't as unexpected and crazy as some might have thought though. Some other high profile acts have similarly invaded small towns.

    Such as...

    1) Mumford and Sons: These guys stayed true to their 'rough and tumble' folk roots by announcing their "Small Town Tour" aimed at bringing the Mumford live experience to those not fortunate enough to live in a major urban centre. The concept was built around the idea of a stopover in between their regularly scheduled concert dates. The band worked with local businesses and city governments to make it a noble venture.

    2) Foo Fighters: Dave Grohl is all about keeping his shit rock and roll. From his lame Grammy rant about making music with "real instruments" to the recording of Wasting Light with only analog equipment, this man has taken the cause of preserving the electric guitar to heart. Keeping it real apparently involves playing in the home garages of some of their most dedicated fans, so that's exactly what Dave did.

    3) Pitbull: 'Musician' and Bud Light palm pumper Pitbull was involved in a promotional deal with Walmart that hoped to capitalize on the power of social networking. He agreed to appear at the Walmart that received the most likes on Facebook nationwide, in the hopes that it would get the word out about his album. Reddit had something to say about it however, and they decided to unite in the cause to #exile Pitbull by voting for the Walmart in the wicked, white north. Turns out Kodiak, Alaska was the lucky winner.surprise, surprise. In all fairness the guy took it in stride and invited the prankster along with him.

    4) Bruce Springsteen: Anyone who knows anyone from Jersey has heard a legendary tale of "that time Bruce just showed up and played at my favorite dive bar." Since there are far too many to note, we thought this would sum it up just as well.

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