Iggy Azalea Is Back Get The Ear Plugs
    • FRIDAY, APRIL 01, 2016

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    Love her, hate her she has a distinct voice, you can't mistake her for anyone else when she is singing / rapping. You love the sound of her voice or it feels like fingernails on a chalkboard.

    To be frank in the office we were hoping her moment had come and gone by early last year. Her constant beefs with other artists, rumored breast enlargement, discussions of the size of her booty and the relentless appearances in the tabloids grated on us. There is a comprehensive listing of her beefs through Feb. 2015 over on Vulture if you want to be reminded of the pettiness and fluff about cultural appropriation click through and be reminded.

    We are also conspiracy theorists here and the recently released secretly recorded video of her finance discussing an alleged infidelity with a Lakers team mate is conspicuously conveniently concurrent with the release of her new single. America loves a little taste of scandal to go with their celebrities and music. Like Justin Bieber's nude photos from the South Pacific, we smell a carefully crafted brand strategy masquerading as scandal.

    Nastiness aside -- Numbers don't lie - well they can but that is another story. Iggy's YouTube Channel has 1.6 BILLION video plays and 3.8 million subscribers and she has more than 700 million spins over on Spotify. Her current video "Team" is clocking in at 27,000 plays per hour (75 times per second!!) on YouTube.

    Guess we'll be putting our fingers in our ears again this year.

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