Tidal and Jay Z's Hubris
    • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 01, 2015

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    (Ed. note: Yesterday, we heard from Baeble Content Manager David Pitz on the announcement of Jay-Z's streaming service Tidal, and now our founder, David Moffly, has his own take on Hova's newest enterprise.)

    Tidal is doomed. This is a foregone conclusion. It is an amazing exercise in celebrity hubris as an excuse to use other peoples money. Folly is ultimately part of the game of life, but the media exercise that became the "Launch" of Tidal is so offensive that it can only be viewed as a sad portrait of artists who are so successful that they are completely disconnected from reality.

    Really... what idiot thought lining up a bunch of artists on a stage and making endless allusions to the Founding Fathers and the signing of the Declaration of Independence was a good idea? The people who signed the actual Declaration did so at immense personal risk. What is at risk for these knuckleheads? I am sure that none of Jay-Z's already immense pile of cash went into the acquisition of Tidal's parent company, Aspiro. Some star struck private equity player has to be footing the bill. None of the artists lining the stage wrote a check; they are getting stock given to them for showing up. There was no chance that any of these superstars were renouncing their immensely lucrative label and publishing deals and going all in here. They are all attention whores showing up for the free gift bag of stock for the benefit of getting their faces in front of the camera. Someone please keep Alicia Keys away from a microphone unless she is singing.

    I am sure Ben Franklin and John Hancock did not throw their legs up on the table when they signed the document that set our nation onto the path to a bloody war and statehood. Thanks Madonna for mocking the foundations of the country that has made you so wealthy. One nice thing to know is that 239 years later, the French (Daft Punk) are still standing shoulder to shoulder with us as we fight tyranny.

    So Tidal enters the fray for the hearts, minds and dollars of the music consumer. Jay Z and his band of arrogant marketeers should really have left Tidal with its original name, WiMP Music -- this would have made the media circus even more spectacularly strange.

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