The Flaming Lips Win April Fools' Day
    • TUESDAY, APRIL 01, 2014

    • Posted by: Anthony Toto

    The Flaming Lips just released a trailer for its upcoming Hollywood film Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robot directed by Michael Bay amidst the news of Wayne Coyne's sudden departure. That's right, The Flaming Lips officially sold out for fame and fortune by changing their sound to meet corporate standards of mainstream music with the addition of Fred Armisen on vocals.

    April Fools!

    The Flaming Lips just burned the entire internet community with the help of Funny or Die for an all-time classic April Fools' Prank. Sending us aflame yesterday to the sudden release of its companion album to Dark Side Of The Moon, Funny Or Die was behind this campaign the entire time.

    Funny Or Die and The Flaming Lips released a series of videos detailing their strategy to sell out with a new vocalist, feature-length film, and chap stick to cure those flaming lips! For the record, Flaming Of The Moon does synch with Dark Side Of The Moon.

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