• TUESDAY, APRIL 01, 2014

    • Posted by: Tayi Sanusi

    So often in today's indie rock movement, artists find a "groove" that garners some positive reactions and almost every subsequent track is piggy backing on the one preceding it. Even if you've only listened to one song by a particular artist, you've essentially listened to them all. Fortunately, this is where the Virginia based indie-rock trio RDGLDGRN breaks away from the pack. This unique musical trio has effortlessly blended elements of rock, punk, and hip-hop resulting in a dynamic flow that's all their own.

    Aside from the groups' knack for genre fusion, the main thing they've got going for them is the individuality with which each song on their self-titled album is crafted. Although many of their songs share musical and thematic elements, the world in which each song lives is its own specimen. Tracks like "All I Got Is Now" and "Bang Bang" lean more towards an alt. rock vibe, while "Million Fans" and "Lootin in London" speak to what would be considered a hip-hop sound profile.

    Formed in 2011, these relative newbies to the music scene have already been recognized by some major players in the industry. Both Dave Grohl and Pharrell Williams contributed to the production of the album; Pharrell also co-wrote and produced their well received single "Doing The Most". As one of the note-worthy songs on the album, the use of vocal and instrumental layering paired with some unexpected brass elements plays on the quirky swag of this up and coming collective. Keep your eyes on these guys, there's no doubt they'll be making some waves in the water.... and stay tuned for Baeble's soon to be released session with the trio at Baeble HQ.

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