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    • THURSDAY, APRIL 01, 2010

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    Makes sense that a guy with a PhD in math would be good at working a modular synth, especially when he wrote his dissertation about them. But you don't need random wikipedia facts to know that Swim is a pretty sticky collection of synthetic noises, worthy of an all-night party, or a walking-down-the-street-and-feeling-fine situation. "Odessa" surfaced a little while ago (free download at the end of January), but we're bringing it back to remind you that much more of this stuff is going to be flooding your speakers this month. April beats bring May flowers, or something?

    This Swim is boss. Keep an ear out for Caribou to release the whole thing on 4/20. No significance. -joe

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    MP3:"Odessa" - Swim
    Caribou on Myspace

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