Watch Mac DeMarco Sing 'This Old Dog' at a Dog Groomers
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 09, 2017

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    Why can't everyone be a little more like Mac DeMarco? He's silly, charming, charismatic, and he makes feel-good music for your soul. Everyone loves him - even dogs. Crack Magazine recently invited the Canadian musician to an East London grooming salon, Groom Dog City, where he performed "This Old Dog" off his forthcoming album.

    "This song may not be about a real dog", DeMarco says in the video, "But this is what my press will probably look like for the next two years." Tilly and Foxton - the two dogs who are getting "a bit of a trim" behind him - relax as DeMarco serenades them with only his smooth voice and acoustic guitar. All burned down to VHS quality and as DeMarco finishes the performance with "okey-dokey, we did it."

    Mac DeMarco's new album, This Old Dog, won't be out until May 5th. But DeMarco will be sure to keep us entertained till then with videos like this one.

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