SONG OF THE DAY: 'Issues' by Julia Michaels
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 09, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    When listening to Julia Michaels' buzzing pop track, "Issues," it's not random to think it kind of sounds like a song that would be performed by Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez. That's because Michaels is the in-demand songwriter behind Bieber's "Sorry," Gomez's "Good For You," and Hailee Steinfeld's "Love Myself." Clearly, this is a singer who knows how to write a hit, and she's finally coming out from behind the song to spread the message herself. Minimalistic music underneath Michaels' catchy melodies and relatable lyrics makes for a tune that's just waiting to climb the charts, and with over 100 million streams on Spotify, it's not looking too out of reach.

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