Go On The Subway Ride From Hell With AJR
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 09, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    My local Brooklyn-ers in the back! We've all been on a horrible subway ride before, right? Have you ever tried taking the L train during the morning rush hour? It's not fun when you're sandwiched in between a sweaty guy and a lost and confused grandma, with no choice but to grab onto the wet spot on the pole because some obnoxiously aggressive person beat you to it (seriously, WHY is the pole wet?). But NYC-based brothers AJR just released their new Shane Drake-directed video for "Weak" and they might have us beat for Worst Train Ride Ever. They switch between cars (my biggest fear ever), there are flashing alarm lights everywhere, they're knocking on the windows begging for passing strangers to help, and they're catastrophically flying all over the place - to say it's a bumpy ride would be an understatement.

    The song relieves all of the anxiety the video brings though. Although it's all about being weak and giving into temptation, it's sonically strong and has that "I just took a crap ton of Adderall and now I feel like singing" type of vibe (we don't encourage Adderall usage FYI). It's explosive, and although the singer is admitting he's weak, a bit of strength peaks out as he follows it with "what's wrong for that?". In the end though, all of this "explosiveness" is really just a metaphor for being booty called. And we can support a good booty call anthem, right ladies?

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