On The Magical Musings Of Our Newest Musical Obsession, Aurora
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 09, 2016

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    Last week we introduced you to the magical musings of Norwegian singer, Aurora. She's the office's newest obsession, and we'll be wearing the needle out on her debut album, All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend, when it's released this Friday.

    In addition to sharing three powerful, acoustic songs from the album in our session, Aurora was kind enough to pull up a stool, sit Indian style and share with us some thoughts on the album, her fans, and what she hopes those who encounter her music take away from it.

    "It strikes me as quite a wonderful thing," she decides while thinking about some of the concepts that helped to inspire the album. "Because we all have demons. I know it's quite a dramatical way of putting it. But we all have dark memories and experiences in life. It's nice to think that maybe in the future you'll be greeted by them as a friend and you will realize that they were bad, but it was important that they happened because you've grown as a person and you've learned a lot. I just like the atmosphere of it".

    So do we. So do a lot of people. Since the release of our session last week, we've read many comments from Aurora's devoted fan base on our site...which I'm sure are but a fraction of the feedback Aurora receives on a daily basis. What's clear is this 19 year old is crafting some of the most emotionally engaging music out there right now, in a unique style and with an expressive personality all her own.

    And why the reaction? It's a question we put to her during our conversation. "Even if my songs are quite sad or quite dark I don't want my songs to make people sad. It's very important for me that all my songs have some kind of hope or light." Which is something a lot of people hear in the music and the lyrics and the atmosphere. "Many of my fans often tell me that they listen to my songs to get through things. And therefore, obviously, I hope that they can picture being in a place where things are better...I hope my songs can bring people to a calm place."

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