mp3 premiere: callmekat
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 09, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Katrine Ottosen insists that you call her Kat, so much so that she performs her eccentric, airy pop under the moniker CALLmeKAT (with caps on purpose). Her tunes have already made waves in Europe, starting with her native Denmark and rumbling through neighboring countries on word of mouth (with no international releases). With two EPs under her belt, and a follow-up in the wings (recorded in the Catskills here in New York), we're expecting to hear much more from Kat's musical menagerie. The first creature: a melancholic appeal called "Bug In A Web". Check it out below.

    "Bug In A Web" continues CALLmeKAT's tinker-toy aesthetic; a blend of jazzy guts and odd noises wrapped in a pop-colored bow. It's a web we personally don't mind being trapped in.

    Also check out her video for "My Sea":

    Watch the full video at

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    MP3: "Bug In A Web"
    CALLmeKAT on Myspace

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