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    Linda Carlsson performs under the stage name Miss Li and the chances are very good you've heard her and not even known it. Her music has been featured on an episode of Grey's Anatomy, an episode of Weeds, a Volvo ad, and most recently an iPod commercial.

    Outside of jingles and soundtracks though the young singer has already had a pretty incredible career. As of 2009 she has four albums under belt, five if you include the complilation CD Best of 061122-071122. Her most recent, Dancing The Whole Way Home, has given her a lot more attention stateside. Both singles, "Bourgerois Shangri-La" and "Dancing the Whole Way Home" have been recieved warmly on American radio.

    She began her career in 2006 with the release of her album Late Night Heartbroken Blues. By 2007 she had a second album out, God Put a Rainbow In the Sky and a hefty amount of attention in Sweden. Between 2007 and 2008 she played all over Europe, playing festivals and clubs and released a third album, Songs of a Rag Doll. In late 2007 she was a number 1 on Sweden's student charts, which aggregates college radio play counts and also nominated for a Swedish Grammy.

    As for her style, her sound could be described as a big melting pot of jazz, americana, folk, and blues put into something very peculiar but definitely interesting. And with an influx of European bands pouring in lately Miss Li certainly stands out because of her odd lack of Euopean influence. Bands like Phoenix, jj, Shout Out Louds, and the like all play what could be called American music, but with a certain European feel to it (or in jj's case a totally European feel to it). But if you didn't know any better Miss Li could have come straight out of the American midwest. Of all her influences and all of the different areas she writes from though, her hushed expressive voice and love for bouncing horn lines comes through on every track.

    Most notably, "Bourgeois Shangri-La" is a perfect introduction to Miss Li's attitude. It's fiesty, catchy, bouncy, and has a strong lyrical edge. Probably the most entertaining facet of Miss Li's musical persona is the very casual and loose style she sings in. She talks, sings, shouts, yells but never loses the melody or gets lost under her backing band.

    If the past is any indicator of the future, expect a lot more material coming this way because it's very clear that Miss Li has no intention of slowling down.-Ryan Broderick

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