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    • MONDAY, MARCH 09, 2009

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    Though the cover of Venice is Sinking's new LP depicts some anonymous, bleak stretch of town, the music that lies beneath the lonesome, sepia toned image is nothing of the sort. Instead, it's an ambient bit of slow burning pageantry this Athens GA based band offer listeners on AZAR; just the sort of thing one could imagine young dreamers left high and dry amongst similar crusty confines setting their own hopes and goals for more exotic surroundings to as the album plays out.

    Maybe that's just the sort of thing Daniel Lawson had in mind when he released his first album (in the form of 50 handmade cassettes, no less) in Peachtree City GA during the summer of 1997. Though Lawson was but a one man band when he moved to Athens in '03, Venice is Sinking would later grow with the help of cello/flute/violin/viola/singer Karolyn Troup. The two would apparently become an item not too long after...only to cease to be an item a few years later. Still, the band would go on, and grow with the additions of drummer Lucas Jensen, keyboard player Alex Thibadoux, and bassist James Sewell.

    Together, the five musicians' have a created a rather compelling listen with their latest offering. Sweet, subdued, and under control; much of AZAR is a slow sort of simmer...that is until some dreamy dabs of bass, blasts of brass, and percolating keyboard/guitar configurations light up the songs like a bed of shooting stars. It all makes for a great deal of I can only imagine gets ever so magnified in the context of the band's live performances.

    AZAR will be released March 31st on One Percent Press. The band also has a few tour dates lined up, which of course we have for you below. - David Pitz

    Venice is Sinking on Tour
    Mar 7 - Sky City - Augusta, Georgia
    Mar 13 - Sentient Bean - Savannah, Georgia
    Mar 18 - Ace's Lounge - Austin, Texas - SXSW
    Mar 21 - The Side Bar - Austin, Texas - SXSW
    Apr 3 - Kavarna - Decatur, Georgia

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    MP3: Venice is Sinking:: Ryan's Song - AZAR
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