INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY: 27 Female Artists We're Excited About
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 08, 2018

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! Although every day should be international women's day, we're celebrating the special occasion by highlighting Baeble's favorite women. Now of course if we were to highlight all of our favorite female artists ever, we would be here all day. So, we decided to narrow it down to the most exciting, new women on the music scene -- artists who are doing amazing things, making progressive music, and are on their way to being the world's next biggest star. These 27 women are the future.

    Side note: after trying to "narrow it down," we still ended up with a list 27 artists long… Remember when Recording Academy president Neil Portnow told women to "step up" after this year's Grammy Awards? Well, as I was brainstorming which artists to put on the list, I was sending my colleague ideas and she got overwhelmed with the amount of women I wanted to include. That's how many women are out there killing it right now. Ladies, we've been stepping up for a long time. Let's get started, shall we? (BONUS: We made a Spotify playlist with all of these artists, below.)

    1. Alma

    I originally discovered Alma after hearing her on Charli XCX's song "Out Of My Head," which also featured another femme-fave, Tove Lo. Turns out the Finnish singer-songwriter starred on Finnish Idols as well as collaborated with a ton of other artists like Martin Solveig, Sub Focus, and French Montana. She's still really new, but she's got one of those voices where you just know she's going to be big.

    2. Dua Lipa

    Everyone and their mothers has seen current It Girl Dua Lipa's video for "New Rules" at this point. We adore the pop singer and her ability to pen empowering hits that get the exposure they need.

    3. Kelela

    Oh my god *fans overwhelmed self*, Kelela is everything and more. On her 2017 debut album Take Me Apart, she preaches words of wisdom on heartbreak but also just letting go and feelin' yourself (ex: "LMK"). Kelela's futuristic R&B sounds are bound to get you grooving while also crying, in the best way possible.

    4. Kam Franklin

    Kam Franklin is the lead singer of "Gulf Coast Soul" band The Suffers, and for lack of better words, she's fucking awesome. The Suffers actually headlined one of Baeble's 2017 Bands + Brews last summer and seeing them live was an out of body experience. Franklin is the definition of performer.

    5. Sabrina Claudio

    This half-Cuban, half-Puerto Rican R&B singer is a full blown star after releasing her debut mixtape About Time just last year. Recently she was just featured on the Fifty Shades soundtrack. Her music lets listeners embrace their sensual side and she's crazy talented.

    6. Tove Styrke

    Similar to Alma, Tove Styrke is a Swedish singer who got her start on Swedish Idol. After releasing two albums, her sound has evolved over the years into super sleek pop and she's now supporting Lorde on tour. Lorde! Ugh, superwoman overload.

    7. Ravyn Lenae

    Ravyn Lenae is an innovative R&B artist from Chicago who offers more of a psychedelic 70s flare in her music. She recently released her EP Crush which is getting us super excited for what's to come. She also toured with SZA and Noname. Too good.

    8. Bishop Briggs

    We've talked to Bishop Briggs several times now (see one of those times here and another time below) and every time we are taken aback by how incredibly kind and warm she is. Seriously, Bishop is the nicest person you will ever meet -- no matter how intimidatingly strong and powerful her voice is!

    9. Sigrid

    Hailing all the way from Norway, Sigrid is an exciting singer-songwriter who made her debut with what is possibly the most empowering song ever, "Don't Kill My Vibe." And at only 21 years old, she just won the BBC Music Sound of 2018 award.

    10. Billie Eilish

    At only 15 years old, aka the youngest age on this list, Eilish proves that age doesn't actually matter at all. She may be young, but this lady's got wisdom, a consistently bad ass sound, and overall, a clear vision that's unlike anyone else on the scene right now.

    11. Camila Cabello

    Some thought Camila Cabello was taking a risk when she decided to leave Fifth Harmony, but it ended up working totally in her favor. Although her solo career is still fresh with the recent release of her debut album Camila, she's already proven to be wildly successful. Plus, the speech she gave at the 2018 Grammy Awards supporting dreams was wildly inspiring.

    12. Julia Michaels

    Julia Michaels was a behind-the-scenes powerhouse long before coming out as a performer in her own right, penning hits for major stars like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Hailee Steinfeld, and more. Now she has her own hits that are just as good. The fact that she can own whatever she does is inspiring.

    13. Cyn

    Indy and I talked to Cyn recently, which you can watch here, and she was so much fun to hang with! Signed to Katy Perry's very own label, Cyn is making some refreshing electronic pop that is bound to make big waves.

    14. Emily Warren

    Like Julia Michaels, Emily Warren has also been writing hundreds of hits for other major artists. Her most frequent collaborators are The Chainsmokers, and you may recognize her voice from that massive Frenship song, "Capsize." We talked to her all about it in our session with her (above). Pretty amazing to see how much she's capable of!

    15. Grace Mitchell

    Grace Mitchell is just a total bad ass. Her 2015 EP Raceday was indie pop perfection and since then, she has released a slew of impressive singles that explore the different sounds she takes on so seamlessly. For example, "Kids (Ain't All Right)" is a Nirvana-tinged rock song while "Come Back For You" is a soft, 80s-inspired electronic ballad.

    16. Sophie Allison

    We recently visited Sophie Allison, who goes by the stage name Soccer Mommy, backstage at her Music Hall of Williamsburg show, where we talked about her brand new album amongst other things. Her album, Clean, was practically made for girls everywhere, because listening to it feels like reading someone's diary. She also was an NYU student before deciding to drop out and work on making the album.

    17. HANA

    HANA is a frequent Grimes collaborator and also writes and produces all of her own music. As she keeps teasing new music soon, you'll also find on her Instagram that she is politically-active and constantly trying to raise awareness, which is inspiring.

    18. Maggie Rogers

    Maggie Rogers was just a senior in college when she got discovered by Pharrell and then her entire musical career just... Blew up. That in itself is inspiring for college students everywhere, and she now continues to use her platform to spread positive messages. Also, it feels like she's still down to earth, wearing jeans and tees instead of getting wrapped up in the glam world and becoming a diva.

    19. Lucy Dacus

    Lucy Dacus also just dropped a really great album last week, entitled Historian. On it, she not only explores heartbreak, but moves through the phases of how a person grows and evolves.

    20. Sophie Hawley-Weld

    Sophie Hawley-Weld is one half of Sofi Tukker, alongside Tucker Halpern, and after interviewing her not once but twice, I can tell you she is one of the most fascinating women I've had the pleasure of speaking with. Still so early in their career, they scored an Apple placement, BCBG made Sophie their women of the month, and they just announced their debut LP, Treehouse!

    21. Resistance Revival Chorus

    A bit of a strange one on the list, since the Resistance Revival Chorus consists of more than 50 women, but based in NYC, the chorus was founded in 2017 in response to the Trump presidency. The reason they began is powerful, and they continue to kill it with an overwhelming amount of femme-power. *Raises fist*.

    22. Betty Who

    Australian pop princess has this infectious smile and attitude on life that just makes you so damn happy. I learned this when I interviewed her last year. On top of that, she sings songs about being confident in her own skin and her latest empowering single, "Ignore Me," was released independently after making the decision to break away from her label.

    23. Lissie

    Simply put, Lissie is a powerhouse, and our session with her is a clear favorite. We're so excited for her forthcoming album Castles, out March 23rd, because there's some serious artistic reinvention going on.

    24. Kim Petras

    Also at a young age, Kim Petras has already collaborated with the likes of Charli XCX and lil aaron. She makes the bubbliest, gummiest pop music and it is so damn satisfying. Watching her kill it in every video she drops is so motivating.

    25. Kimbra

    Kimbra is a special artist all the way from New Zealand who really creates music from the soul. She writes unpredictable chord changes and melodies that are still catchy and as of late, her singles have been extra empowering. Check out her songs "Human," "Everybody Knows," or "On Top Of The World" and you'll know exactly what I mean.

    26. CupcakKe

    You just have to watch this one for yourself. CupcakKe is going to blow up. Get ready.

    27. Liza Anne

    Liza Anne is simply the sweetest indie rocker of all time, hailing from Nashville and now gearing up to release her new album, Fine But Dying (out tomorrow). If you're into bad ass front ladies who can slay on guitar, Liza's your girl.

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