Charli XCX Releases 3 New Songs
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 08, 2017

    • Posted by: Katie Pedernera

    Charli XCX is officially the best, because she has released not one, not two, but three new tracks off of her mixtape Number 1 Angel out this Friday, March 10th. The music has been put up free for streaming. According to Charli, "everything (music) is passed free" because she understands how her fans listen. We've been waiting for new music for a while, so we'll listen to it however we can. Listen to "Pull Up (ft. MØ)" at 3:50, "Dreamer (ft. Starrah and Raye)" at 9:19, and "Lip Gloss (ft. CupcakKe)" at 16:22.

    So what can we expect from her new mixtape? We cannot contain our excitement for all the new collaborations that the 10-track tape will feature. During the interview she confessed, "I was super emotional [writing], all over the place with lyrics, but I'm proud of the results." If the rest of the mixtape sounds like these songs, we'll be in good shape.

    Also check out our live concert with the pop star:

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