BAEBLE BAE ALERT: The Oh So Dreamy Hamilton Leithauser
    • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 08, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    BUCKLE UP KIDDIES: Today we've got a hot new Baeble Bae on our hands, and he goes by the name of Hamilton Leithauser. *Heart eyes.* You may be familiar with his work with The Walkmen, or maybe you're just catching up now on his new solo project with Rostam Batmanglij (formerly of Vampire Weekend), or maybe you go WAY back and are a day one fan of The Recoys. Either way, this artist is so much more than a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist - he's also SUPER CUTE. I mean, I think it's very clear, but somehow his attractiveness is going unnoticed - it's like people are actually focusing on the music or something... So let's dig into all of the reasons why we're sad that Mr. Leithauser is taken.

    He's got a dimple chin, which is good.

    Sometimes you don't need abs or biceps, but it's the subtle little details that make all the difference. It just adds a really nice flare to his face. So Laaaaadies, get yourself a man with a good CHIN!

    hamilton leithauser hot babe

    He's got children.

    ...Which can possibly make this entire feature extremely inappropriate, BUT here's the way I see it: if he's capable of taking care of himself plus his children, he can take care of me too. And he looks like the coolest dad EVER.

    Dump Trump. Get that guy outta here. We don't like him!

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    Crucial/revealing interview w Jenny Eliscu.

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    Oh yeah, we can confirm that he's adorable with kids:

    He probably has some morals.

    ...Since he has publicly spoken out against Trump a bunch of times. I just love me a man who's a decent human being! (That makes me sound like I have super low standards. With the exception of Hamilton, I probably do!).

    Leithauser girls on the march. #womensmarchonwashington

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    He stinks at using selfie sticks, but at least he's not completely against them?

    If you think about it, it's kind of endearing! AND he's got a ton of friends to use it with. #Popular.

    It's really awesome that Steve brought a selfie stick on tour, but I can't figure out how you keep the stick outta the frame.

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    His friendship with Rostam is straight up GOALS.

    Theoretically if Hamilton could only be friends with one person, I'd be angry if he chose anyone over me UNLESS it was Rostam. Then I'd be like, "well, if you're going to pick somebody else, at least you're picking a quality person." Rostam is that quality person. So fine. They're cute together.

    Bringing this baby back where it was born. See you tomorrow night LA! Photo: LA Times

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    Somehow tricked a defiant @matsor into driving me to the airport. Small, important victory. Thanks.

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    First show tonight. Clearly we are psyched. A joyous affair. Hometown NYC!!

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    "Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam" by Liesel (age 16?) in Marfa

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    He likes to ride with the windows down. #Down2Clown.

    *Sunglasses Emoji*

    Back on road this week USA west coast and more dates at photo "sick ass dogs" by @matsor

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    Oh yeah... And his voice is probably enough to pull you in (if you're somehow not pulled in already).

    Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam released their album I Had A Dream That You Were Mine late last year and it's basically addicting. But I don't want to overwhelm you with a full album, so let the lead single "1000 Times" take over your soul first. You're sure to be hooked after one listen. Also, I caught them live at Music Hall of Williamsburg a few weeks ago and Hamilton's wild scream radiates even BETTER live. That's when this whole love thing started happening. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW:

    Still not hooked? Ha, just kidding. I know you are. You're welcome.

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