Baeble First Play: Through The Looking Glass With SHEL
    • TUESDAY, MARCH 08, 2016

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    It's not everyday that I hear a throwaway line in a song and then immediately think, "Wait...are they talking about Alice in Wonderland?" And as a huge Lewis Carroll fan (he's the average reader's introduction to surrealism), those moments always make me happy. So of course my ears perked up pretty much immediately near the beginning of Colorado baroque rockers SHEL's new video, "Rooftop."

    We've got the exclusive premiere of the new music video for "Rooftop," and what I thought was a brief allusion to Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter becomes a contemporary and understated homage to one of the most iconic characters of British literature. The track itself is anchored by tight harmonies and understated strings and whether you're there for the literary references or the gorgeous baroque rock, you'll find something to love in SHEL.

    And check out an exclusive quote from the band's Eva Holbrook about the song itself: "The first few lines for this song dropped from my lips on a rooftop in Los Angeles. There's an exciting energy and perspective above the streets of any city. It reminds us that we can follow our dreams up the back stairway, ignoring the 'Do Not Enter' sign, and arrive at the place we were told was out of reach."

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