Follow Friday: Stone Cold Fox
    • FRIDAY, MARCH 08, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Every so often it's refreshing to receive emails directly from artists. Don't get me wrong, we love the publicists, but there's a very real connection when a band ditches the middle man and sends us their music directly. In this week's edition of Follow Friday, we introduce you to Stone Cold Fox, a band that sent us a personal message containing their wildly awesome music video "Seventeen".

    After releasing their debut EP last May, the indie-pop quintet based out of NYC is looking forward to piecing together their first full-length. We chatted founding members Kevin Olken (lead vocalist/guitarist) and Ariel Loh (producer/synth) about the progression of their sound and how getting drunk in a cabin was the secret ingredient for a terrific music video.

    You guys are from Purchase New York, right?

    No, we both went to school at Purchase. It was a SUNY school, but we all live in Brooklyn now.

    You all met at Purchase?

    Half of us, Kevin and I met at Purchase. The rest of the band formed itself when we on our way out of purchase. We're all based out of Brooklyn now. It was in-between that phase that we formed a live band. It started off as an acoustic recording project.

    What kind of stuff are you guys doing?

    Basically just indie rock, a lot of folk. The EP had a lot of folk roots, but Ariel kind of added an entirely different electronic element to it.

    How was it putting your EP together, that was your first big release correct?

    It was great, it was self released. We did all of the recording ourselves, everything was done by ourselves. we released it last year in May, and we've been riding off of that so far. It's been really good, everybody really likes it. We're really happy about it.

    Being that it's your first EP, is there anything in the works right now?

    We just finished recording with Joel Hamilton who produced "Seventeen", that was our latest single release. That's going to be the setting for our next album, which we will be recording soon. We're going to Connecticut to do some writing for it, so we're going to start on our way of piecing together an album pretty soon.

    You said "Seventeen" was the setting, can you go into a little detail on what you mean by that?

    Now we're working with the whole band when we're bringing new material to the table, where in the past it was kind of just Kevin and I drawing off of each other. It's definitely turning a little bit rockier - it's just different. I think "Seventeen" is the direction we're headed towards. It's a little bit of a heavier sound. It's kind of a jumping off point.

    Can you tell me a little bit about the making of the "Seventeen" music video? Was it your first?

    No, it wasn't out first. We also have the "American" video, which is another song from the EP, with the help of our friend. For this one we worked with all of our friends from film school. So me and Fil, who shot the video, really just sat down, pieced it together and I wrote it. When we were filming our song, it was a really fun weekend. We had twenty people staying in this cabin and just had a blast. We got really drunk, had a few drinks. It was hard work though, we did everything in 12-hour days.

    Was everybody in the video friends of yours?

    Yup, we did it with people we know. It felt appropriate to do it that way. We kind of lived together for a weekend.

    Where was the cabin?

    Saratoga Springs.

    You also said that you're starting to go up and write in Connecticut, is there an expectation for when something will come out?

    I don't think we're going to release something for a while, at least not until fall at the earliest. We really wanted to spend time putting together, getting our feet on the ground, spend time putting together an album, really making sure it's what we want. Hopefully we'll do some shopping around to see if some labels can help us out. I think it would be great to have a release by the fall, but we'll see. We'll see what it turns into. For now we've got "Seventeen", the only new single for a little bit.

    Going back to the music video, being that it was on quite a few music sites - what was that like, what was the reception from your friends and family seeing that?

    The reception was really great actually, everyone seems to like it. Besides my ex-girlfriend...

    Since it's Follow Friday, be sure to creep up on Stone Cold Fox via Facebook and Twitter.

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