White Rabbits Milk Famous
    • THURSDAY, MARCH 08, 2012

    • Posted by: Malcolm Donaldson

    White Rabbits has intention behind every second of their music. Each tap of the drum, whispered count-off, guitar effect is there with purpose; it's all there to say something. This might be what draws the inevitable comparison to Spoon-- the mathematically precise production is more familiar than the songwriting. Milk Famous is a record that asks the listener to pay close intention to the sonic chirps and rhythmic oddities of each track. It's clear that White Rabbits put every idea-- every bit of creativity and emotion-- that would fit, and the great achievement is that it's a solid, coherent album. Milk Famous isn't just a record that should be played repeatedly, but you'll want to play it over and over, too.

    The singles "Heavy Metal" and "Temporary" represent the album very well. The tracks characterize the obsessively attuned, fragmented rock that White Rabbits showed signs of in their first two albums. Lyrically, Patterson is at the forefront of the album, with his band mates singing harmonies. The words, however, are never of central importance as Patterson's voice is used as a spliced falsetto instrument. His quirky voice is the entry point to the sextet, what captures your attention as the musical hooks dig deep into your memory.

    The music on Milk Famous is characteristically rhythmic for White Rabbits, but with a change in instrumentation. In our recent interview with Patterson, he explained the band's intention to have all instruments play rhythmic parts. That strategy, in part, is what keeps the album fresh throughout. In the album closer "I Had It Coming" a jabbing acoustic guitar replaces typical high-hat duties, with sonic discordance and piano hooks replacing any sort of typical electric guitar riff. Self-aware replacements like these are what makes Milk Famous such a fun album to listen to. White Rabbits' deconstructions and reconstructions this album in the studio, and the product is one that can truly be called original.

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